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  • Get the Reliability of Downloads, CD’s, and Blu-Ray’s
  • Contribute to Free Stuff on MeditAid Mindful
  • Contribute to Climate Change Organisations¬†
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  • Downloads


    Download your choice of our content and have it ready to use on your device. + Your contribution pays for more content to be made available free online.
  • Audio CD's & Blu-Ray's

    Audio CD's & Blu-Ray's

    Audio CD's and Blu-Ray's for comfort of use and reliability. Worry no longer about broken network connection or your laptop going to sleep. Use your own home cinema.
  • Prayers & Blessings

    Prayers & Blessings (2)

    Order Prayers and Blessings or both! Performed by our professional team of meditators with bids and wands on stand by!
  • Books


    Specially selected books we get from whole sellers and make available to you in Ireland for an attractive price. We don't need to make a profit so you save!